Feb. 9th, 2011

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Дорогой, уважаемый коллега [livejournal.com profile] squadette сегодня одарил нас всех истинным счастьем аудиала в жанре "Немецкий с удовольствием". Поскольку ещё не все мои ЖЖ-френды мигрировали во Френдфид, копирую свой пост здесь.

Anton Bruhin — Rotomotor: ein motorische Idiotikon

Аннотация с UbuWeb Sound:

'r o t o m o t o r: ein motorische Idiotikon', the title track, is a 28 minutes long reading, one of Bruhin's major works. Rotomotor is a poetic Idiotikon of the Swiss-German dialect where, instead of the straight alphabetical order, the words are organised according to the similarities of their letters (each word differ from the previous one by just one letter). For this reading a delay equipment which repeated the signal after 0.6 seconds was used and each word is superimposed to the echo of the preceding one. On one hand this echo generates the rhythm of the performance, on the other it supports the acoustic metamorphosis of the words. Again, a very simple concept perfectly accomplished. What results from the whole program is maybe difficult to describe, maybe more easily perceivable in a state of alternate consciousness. But surely a quite unique sense of acoustics approach; so no surprise to see him mentioned in the mythical Nurse With Wound reference list. Chance meeting in an Alpine chalet of a roto-Bruhin and an AKRE.


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